As one of the first movers of Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC) in Singapore’s construction industry, Teambuild was privileged to demonstrate the installation process of a PPVC module to an MOM delegation on 3 Mar.

The demonstration was held at The Brownstone Executive Condominium and was attended by Mr. Chan Yew Kwong (Director, OSH Inspectorate), Mr. Sebastian Tan (Deputy Director, OSH Inspectorate) and Mr. Tong Tee Hui (Senior Asst Director, Construction Operations) and Mr. Thomas Teo (Asst Director, General Workplace) and their officers.

The project team kicked off with a short presentation followed by the demonstration itself beginning from the lifting process up to the complete installation of the module using a gantry crane. They then continued with a walkaround of the project site to view completed PPVC units before ending the day with a short discussion between the delegation and the project team.

Teambuild values such opportunities to share information and collaborate with authorities so as to enhance understanding and learnings for mutual benefit of both parties.